Al Coro is a German company strongly influenced by their Italian roots.

Giuliano Corolli and his sons Alexander and Daniel bring the very best from two different cultures: Italian zest for life and the pleasure of forms and colours with entrepreneurial ambition, a key part of the German corporate culture. This exciting mix has transformed the Al Coro company into a brand of international standing in just a few years. The jewellery produced by the label exudes passion for design and impresses with its delightful details and consistent design features. 
They are captivating their audience of self-confident women who want to express their personality as well as their feminity with jewellery that exudes passion for design.
The senior member of the family, Giuliano Corolli, is responsible for the creative inspiration and broad range of designs. Since handing the company over to his two sons, he can now concentrate on what he enjoys most: letting his imagination run wild in creating jewellery. The result: Al Coro produces some 250 impressive new collection items each year!
Although Al Coro is still a relatively young brand, the company and in particular the Corolli name have been known for more than 30 years in the industry. But very few know how it all began. We traced Giuliano Corolli back to his youth when he set out into the big wide world at the age of 21.
After leaving school, he wanted to learn languages in the countries in which they were spoken. So at the start of the 1960s, he headed out into the world, albeit with very modest means he remembers, smiling. He stopped off in Switzerland, France, Spain, England and finally Germany on his ‘our d’urope’ He had various jobs due to his curious and versatile manner but
found himself increasingly encountering beautiful works of art which never ceased to fascinate him. His love of painting was underpinned by skill and talent and this became a calling which he still pursues today. But getting back to his career a few years later and with several foreign languages now under his belt, he returned to Italy and worked as an interpreter at the
Vicenza trade fair. He quickly caught the attention of an Italian jewellery manufacturer who employed the worldly wise young man as an export sales representative for his company. And so Giuliano returned to the jewellery business more or less by coincidence.
Signore Corolli began to tour Europe again, gathering experiences and contacts and developing a feel for forms and design. At the start of the 1970s, the time finally came: he founded the company Giuliano Corolli Creation together with a partner… in Cologne! ‘more’played a part in this decision. He met his wife in Cologne during his travels here and so decided to settle down and start a family in the cathedral city. However, he retained his ties with Italy in fact they became even stronger: the manufacturer of the jewellery collection designed by Giuliano Corolli was (and still is) based in Valenza in beautiful Piedmont. The Italy-Germany connection is still going well today and forms the basis for the success of Al Coro.
The illustrious brand was founded in 1999. It was at this time that the two sons, Alexander and Daniel Corolli, joined the company and came up with the idea of creating a jewellery label for the 21st century. The pillars on which Al Coro is based are: Italian design on the one hand and strong branding on the other. The aim was to create a brand which meets the increasing need of consumers for some kind of orientation. While both companies initially ran alongside one another, the family quickly began to concentrate on Al Coro convinced that the future lay in branded jewellery.
Today, 12 years later, the Corollis have every reason to be proud: Al Coro is present in 11 countries in Europe and has had points of sale in China since last year. Of the 400 points of sale in total, 100 are located in Germany. All are jewellers who value the creativity of the company founder and his design team as well as the fastreacting marketing, sales and service tools available, perfected by the two sons. Both sons were very well equipped to tackle their role in the industry upon joining the company: after completing his A-levels, Alexander Corolli completed an apprenticeship with the renowned gemstone cutter Ruppenthal in Idar-Oberstein, passed the gemmologist examination set by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and gained sales experience with the company Christ. Daniel Corolli, the younger brother, trained as a jewellery designer in Vicenza.