From  the  heart  of   Florentine    jewellery  tradition,  the  aesthetic  revolution in jewellery was launched 30 years ago under the sign of  PVG.

The winning idea that in just a few years has made Ponte Vecchio Gioielli, a leader in designer jewelry is that of offering striking, new, three-dimensional pieces of jewelry to women who no longer identify with classical jewelry.

Today PVG jewels are easy to recognize. Every model dominates space and draws everyone’s attention, transmitting its own character to the wearer, capable above all of surpassing the traditional without however neglecting it. In order to achieve this feat Ugo Cala’ and Giancarlo Campani have been inventing a new language that speaks of essentiality, light and color via the use of diamonds, citrines, amethysts, aquamarines, green tourmalines and peridots, all natural stones cut to size by the most qualified artisans in the business.

PVG owns a 1000 m2 workshop in the Florentine hills, plenty of room for creativity and production, from the imagination of its designers to the sourcing of raw materials, from the production - or rather the manufacture - of each jewel conceived as a unique piece, right up to quality control.

The PGV style manages to intuit the female suggestions in advance, even before fashion itself, and every collection immediately becomes a trend. Its evolution begins with ongoing observation and reflection, thrusting aside reality, passing through the most advanced artistic frontiers and traveling along the highways of the “self” and the changing society.

This way of interpreting the present pervades every detail of PVG jewels and can be found in the soft lines and warm tones of the new collection, the purity of the stones and ideas, the lightness of the volumes, the transparency of the geometries. It is now also in the movement characterizing the new collections of the Sgriffato line which symbolizes the fleetingness of life and its infinite possibilities. There is no longer good and bad, night and day, white and black: the world is filled with nuances and PVG interprets them with its own flair, combining in perpetual and vibrant motion, white and yellow gold, diamonds and citrines in a delicate intertwining of lines and sensations.

Ponte Vecchio Gioielli focuses on women who are independent, intellectual, decisive and self confident. PVG speaks their language, in an intense, whispered and knowing conversation. The only way to understand what is being said is either to be a woman or a jewel.